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Welcome to the world's largest blood cell repository dedicated to supporting regenerative medicine. Thousands of people have already contributed to advancing the future of healthcare—and to safeguarding their own future health.

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We're Changing the Course of Modern Medicine

The Challenge
We're Facing

Because many rare diseases aren't well understood, current medicine relies on one-size-fits-all approaches that don't account for individual differences.

What We're Doing
About It

With cells from our biorepository, scientists are creating powerful iPS cells, which can lead toward a better understanding of disease processes.

How You Can
Get Involved

We invite you to contribute your cells to the cause. You can also become a member and make an investment in the future of your own health.

Why iPS Cells?

We're transforming cells from the LifeCapsule repository into iPS cells, a special type of cell with remarkable potential for medicine.

Help Advance the Future of Medicine–And Protect Your Own Health

LifeCapsule membership puts you at the forefront of personalized medicine and health. Join the revolution—and take an important step in safeguarding your future.

As a member, you:

  • Add your sample to the LifeCapsule repository
  • Learn how your sample is helping develop potential treatments
  • Get access to new services as they come online
  • Have perennial access to your immortalized iPS cells

$99/ year

Not ready to join? You can still
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It only takes a few simple steps

Attend one of our many events, and get your blood drawn in person—or we'll send you a kit, and you can do it at home. It takes just a teaspoon of your blood to generate iPS cells.

Get a kit
in the mail

Take your
blood sample

Mail it back
to us

Your cells
are stored

Help heal
the world

“It made me really happy to think that my small donation has the potential to help lessen the suffering of others.”

“I like knowing that my stem cells will be available for me if and when I need them. With the huge advances happening in medicine, that feels like an easy and inexpensive insurance policy.”

“With just a bit of blood, I helped advance medical research that could lead to saving lives. Who wouldn’t want to do that?”

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Give your employees direct access to a cutting-edge service that helps them stay on top of their health and well-being.

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