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The AURA skin assessment decodes information in your unique DNA, giving you unprecedented insights about your skin.


Your AURA report includes the analysis
of these key aspects of skin:


Everyone's skin has different genetic capacity to remain hydrated. Understanding your skin’s hydration qualities can help you make the best decisions for skin care and water consumption.


We all have different genetic capacities for skin aging. If you have genetic markers that indicate faster-than-normal skin aging, you can take additional steps to protect and preserve your skin.


If you want to maintain your skin as you age, it's essential to maintain elasticity. By understanding your genetic markers, you can get a better sense of how best to do that.

UV Sensitivity

Some people have a genetic predisposition to higher-than-normal sun sensitivity. Find out if you're one of them—so you can adequately protect your skin.

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Download the LifeProfile app for free after purchasing any of our genetic assessments. You'll have immediate and ongoing access to your results as soon as they become available, and you’ll be the first to hear about new products, too.

You can also access your personal report via the LifeProfile web application.

“Thanks to Aura, I know that I have extra sun sensitivity—so I’m careful about exposure. My less wrinkly future self thanks you for that!”

“I thought I just had dry skin, but Aura told me that part of the issue was genetic. That helped me develop the right skin hydration plan.”

“Skincare sometimes feels like guesswork—but not anymore. With what I learned about my skin genetics from Aura, my dermatologist developed a skin care regimen that works great for me.”

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