Your body has a unique way of responding to nutrition. Find out what it is—and how to make the best of it.


Your FUEL report includes the analysis
of these key aspects of Nutrition:

Food Sensitivity

Do the effects of caffeine, milk, or alcohol impact how you feel? We test genes that can help you determine what foods you may want to avoid or limit in your diet.

Food Breakdown

Learn how well your body is able to metabolize good or bad fats in your diet. We look at HDL/LDL cholesterol, lipid levels, monounsaturated fat, and fatty acid response.

Hunger and Weight

Are you are more or less likely to feel full after a meal? Learn what your genes say about your metabolic rate, appetite, or sugar cravings, all major determinants of weight gain or loss.


Do you have a deficiency of nutrients in your system based simply on genes? We analyze what vitamins your body may have a hard time producing due to genetics alone.

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You can also access your personal report via the LifeProfile web application.

“My Fuel results showed that I have a higher sensitivity to high-fat diets than most people. That explains a lot—and it's helping me make better food choices.”

“I always suspected that I'm sensitive to certain food types. Now I know why. It's in my genes!”

"I’m on the path to getting fitter and fitter. Thanks to Fuel, I was able to identify and overcome some stumbling blocks that were holding back my weight loss progress.”

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