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The SUPERHERO assessment decodes secret information in your DNA, giving you insights into where your super-powers lie.


your report includes the analysis
of these key superhero attributes:


Are you Strong? Do you have a rare genotype that is found in less than 10% of the population? People like this tend to have the highest muscle strength and therefore the lowest risk of muscle injury.


Do you have an uncanny ability to produce and understand speech and language? Are you likely to attain a higher achievement in education?


Are you fast? Do you have the gene for a specific muscle protein which impacts the ability of skeletal muscles to produce force at high velocity? Learn if you are likely to have enhanced performance in power and sprint activities.

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You can also access your personal report via the LifeProfile web application.

“At Wizard World, its all about the experience and seeing what everyone else is doing, but you guys are actually personalizing the experience for me.”

"Wow, what an awesome way to learn about myself. I’m buying one for my brother so I can prove I’m more powerful!”

“I have all the attributes of a villain…
watch out Super People!”

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