5 Kinds of Thanksgiving Guests (Decoded by DNA)

There are only a few days left until feasting season begins! Technically, we suppose that starts with Halloween, but Thanksgiving sure beats out all other days of the year for food (and carb) consumption with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, and let’s not forget the dessert table adorned with all flavors of pie.

What type of Thanksgiving celebrant are you? We put together a few possibilities, all based on DNA. Discover what your genes say and take a guess at which of your relatives fit these other molds.

The Turkey Trot Fanatic

This Thanksgiving celebrator is just as excited about the morning Turkey Trot as she is about the afternoon feast. This may be a result of her fitness genes: she’s gifted in muscle efficiency (the BDKRB2 gene), which means she can work out for longer periods of time without hitting her peak heart rate. So, a 5K on an early, cold morning isn’t likely to be as difficult for her compared to a jogger with the adapt result. She may also be the one to suggest a post-meal stroll outdoors to walk off feeling full.

The Football Fan

This celebrator likely enjoys Thanksgiving for the time spent with family, but it’s also his favorite holiday of the year because of its football focus. He probably spent the morning watching his local high school’s football team compete against their rival and arrived at the feast a little late—but just in time to enjoy a Thanksgiving plate on the couch in front of the televised NFL game. He may have the normal risk taker gene result, but he loves to see his favorite players take risks that result in touchdowns.

The Frantic Chef

The Thanksgiving chef has the most important role during this holiday celebration. He wakes up early in the morning to prepare the 16-pound turkey to roast for hours, and he’s in charge of coordinating the side dishes and desserts (though every year, he ends up with too many pies). While he’s gifted in all bitter taste genes, he often worries about making the holiday absolutely perfect. Fortunately, the whole family understands he’s much more of a worrier than a warrior, so they’re sure to help with the meal and clean-up however they can.

The 3 p.m. Nappers

Naps may be common for a lot of the relatives after eating the tryptophan found in turkey, but some guests who are adapt in sleep duration may be guaranteed nappers after the big dinner. Those who are gifted in the gene will likely be the ones that stay up to help out with the dishes.

Little Girl Hugging Father Thanksgiving Celebration Concept

The Wild Child

This guest is typically the youngest but we’re all susceptible to sugar overload. This celebrant often goes unsupervised while other family members spend time catching up. As a result, she may get a little caught up in the dessert table trying all the sugary treats due to her adapt AA result for sweet tooth. Prepare for her to have a lot of energy later in the evening!

Which kind of Thanksgiving guest are you? We hope you’ve discovered a little more insight into the genes that make you tick. From all of us at Orig3n, have a very happy Thanksgiving holiday! Enjoy your time spent with your family and loved ones and be sure to watch for our post-holiday sale just a few days away.