Customer Story: How a Nutritionist is Transforming Clients’ Diets Using Their DNA Results

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Here at Orig3n we’re focused on advancing the future of personal care. Our DNA tests are empowering people to use their genetic information to make more informed decisions in their daily lives. Join us as we explain how science and technology come together to create a revolution in self-care.


Our customers use our products every day and they’re eager to share their life-changing experiences and stories. In this series, we’re bringing those stories front and center. Read on to hear from our #BeOrig3nal community and learn how insight into your DNA can help enhance your life.


Product: Orig3n Nutrition DNA Test

Use Case: Utilizing customers’ DNA test results to help construct more personalized diets.

Customer: Steve DiOrio

Location: Boston, MA

Meet Steve: Steve DiOrio is the owner of Primal Boston, where he coaches clients towards optimal wellness through nutrition and exercise. He is certified as a Primal Blueprint Expert and Coach, and has most recently used Orig3n’s Nutrition DNA test to shape his client’s nutrition plans and help them achieve their fitness goals faster.

What are your client’s initial reactions when you tell them about DNA testing as a tool?

The biggest reaction is an almost universal, “Oh wow, I didn’t know you could do that! I just didn’t know it was possible.”

It builds a lot of excitement and gets people revved up, and for me, it’s a value-added service that nobody else is doing yet. It helps me set myself apart from others.


Once client’s receive their DNA results, how do they react?

Great! I spend a lot of time teaching people about what proper eating is and educating them that genetics aren’t their sole destiny — just because obesity runs in their family doesn’t mean they’re pre-determined to be heavy, too. With a well-planned and personalized diet, they can overcome.

Having their DNA results gives us a level playing field so that we can create a sound and logical plan that both parties understand and agree on.Orig3n Nutrition DNA Test Report

What has been your favorite part about using Orig3n’s Nutrition DNA Test?

Generally, when I work with a client we have some baseline suggestions, but naturally, not everything works for everybody.

Instead, what ends up happening is a lot of trial and error. It can be a couple of weeks toying and tinkering with their diet to get the results that we want.

Using the Orig3n Nutrition DNA test, I can cut that trial and error time down.

For instance, one of the genes Orig3n provides DNA results for is ADIPOQ, which provides insight into how well a client’s body may break down fats. If they might struggle to digest fats, we can avoid fatty foods in their diet and give them a supplement to help them digest fats easier.

As a result, their diet is more comfortable and they don’t go through that uncomfortable period of trying to digest foods that their bodies may struggle to process.

Using Orig3n’s DNA results, we can cut back on the time it takes to help clients get the results they want.


Based on your clients DNA results, do you create exercise plans in addition to nutrition plans?

My main focus is diet plans. That’s where I’ve planted my flag and that’s where my real interest and expertise is. One of the principles we teach is that 80% of your body composition has to do with what you eat and 20% has to do with exercise.


Do you think it’s important for everyone to learn about their DNA, even if weight loss isn’t necessarily their goal?

Definitely, I think it’s a great idea! For instance, if you’re going to start an exercise program it’d be helpful to see how your genes might impact your fitness ability.

You might find out that your DNA results show that you may not excel at endurance sports, but because you like running, you’ll push past the struggle and do it anyway. By better understanding how your genes may impact your potential, you won’t be disappointed when you’re not setting world records.

Not to mention, it’s pretty thrilling — you can find out some cool things about yourself!


This is a hard one. Where do you think the future of personal care is going?

I have no idea, but I’ll tell you where I would like to see it go.

For thirty years now, there’s been one or two recommended diets and everyone is supposed to eat exactly the same and get exactly the same results — that’s ludicrous.

Diet and exercise coaching are going to become or should become, more focused and more individualized. We have the tools available, like DNA testing, to understand what individual clients may need and to service that individual in a unique way to help them reach their goals.


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