Gift Guide: The Best Orig3n DNA Test for Everyone on Your List

Looking for a gift that’s interesting, insightful, and personal? Orig3n’s array of health and wellness DNA kits can help! From the foodie to the unofficial beauty blogger, and the fitness fanatic to the introspective thinker, we have something for everyone on your list. Read on and let our editors help you find the perfect gift.

Nutrition DNA test front of box Nutrition DNA test back of box

For the Foodie Who Cares About Their Fuel

Nutrition DNA Kit – $149

Give your foodie friend the gift of food-focused insight. With Orig3n’s Nutrition DNA test, they can discover food that may be beneficial — so they can satisfy their palette while still staying healthy.

 What They’ll Learn About Themselves:

  • Food Sensitivity:
    Do caffeine, milk, or alcohol make a difference in how they feel? We test genes that can help them determine which foods they may want to avoid or limit in their diet, allowing them to always feel their best.
  • Food Breakdown:
    Give them insight into how well their body metabolizes good and bad fats to help them customize their diet. We look at HDL and LDL cholesterol, monosaturated fat, and fatty acid response.
  • Hunger and Weight:
    Are they more or less likely to feel full after a meal? The Nutrition DNA kit teaches them what their genes say about their metabolic rate, appetite, and sugar cravings — all major determinants of weight gain or loss.

Our Editors’ Favorite Genes in the Nutrition DNA Kit: Caffeine metabolism (CYP1A2), fatty acid response (FADS1), feeling full (FTO), and sweet tooth (SLC2A2).

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Beauty DNA test front of boxBeauty DNA test back of box

For the (Unofficial) Beauty Blogger 

Beauty DNA Kit – $99

The Beauty DNA test is the ideal personalized gift for your friend who is always trying out new beauty and hair products. This test will explain how their skin and hair look, feel, and react to various conditions. Help them get the details they need to perfect their beauty routine and select products that best meet their needs.

What They’ll Learn About Themselves:

  • Appearance and Skin Health:
    Are they likely to have acne? Will they experience hair loss or go gray early? Discover what their genes have to say about their appearance – and what they can do about it.
  • Skin Aging:
    We all have different genetic capacities for skin aging. We test for genetic markers that indicate faster-than-normal skin aging, so they can take additional steps to protect and preserve their skin.
  • UV Sensitivity:
    Some people have a genetic predisposition to higher-than-normal sun sensitivity. They can find out if they’re one of them – so they can adequately protect their skin.

Our Editors’ Favorite Genes in The Beauty Kit: Complexion (C11orf49), sunlight response (MC1R), skin wrinkling (MMP3), and hair graying (IRF4).

Courtney Leiva from HelloGiggles said of the Beauty DNA test, “Although my predisposition to stretch marks and collagen breakdown were fairly normal, of course, cellulite and skin wrinkling were areas that needed improvement. But instead of just flagging certain genes and not offering any suggestions, the website (or app!) gives you helpful suggestions to alleviate any existing skin issues marked down.”

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Behavior DNA test front of boxBehavior DNA test back of box

For the Introspective Thinker Who Wants to Better Understand Themselves

Behavior DNA Kit – $79

Perfect for the person who’s always looking inward, this 24-gene profile offers a glimpse into how someone’s DNA can affect their personality — and how they think, feel, act, and react!

What They’ll Learn About Themselves:

  • Behavior:
    Are they a thrill seeker or do they like to play it safe on the sidelines? We test genes that can impact impulsive behavior such as risk, panic, and motor impairment — all major players in decision making.
  • Feelings:
    How do their genes influence their feelings of empathy and euphoria?
  • Tolerance:
    Are they a warrior or a worrier? The Behavior DNA kit gives them insight into how their genes determine their tolerance to stress and pain.

 Our Editors’ Favorite Genes in the Behavior DNA Kit: Warrior or worrier (COMT), empathy (OXTR), and positive mood (SLC6A2).

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Superhero DNA test front of boxSuperhero DNA test back of box

For the Superhero in The Making

Superhero DNA Kit – $29

Whether they’re a superhero in the making or they’re your personal superhero, this 6-gene profile will reveal their true superhero traits. From rare, above-average intelligence to physical prowess, this fun DNA test lets them tap into their hidden superpower.

 What They’ll Learn About Themselves:

  • Strength:
    Are they super strong? Find out whether they have a rare genotype found in less than 10% of the population that would give them the greatest muscle strength and consequentially, the lowest risk of injury.
  • Intelligence:
    Do they have an uncanny ability to speak multiple languages or do they seem to just pick up new skills without much effort? They could be an intellectual hero.
  • Speed:
    Are they a fast runner? It might not just be because of all the training they do. Learn if they have the gene that gives their muscle the ability to produce force at high velocity.

Our Editors’ Favorite Genes in This Kit: Muscle mass (VDR), language ability (FOXP2), and muscle force (ACTN3).

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Fitness DNA test front of boxFitness DNA test back of box

For the Fitness Fanatic Who Wants to Enhance Their Workout

Fitness DNA Kit – $149

Give your exercise-loving friends the gift of personalized workouts that work for their bodies. With our Fitness DNA test, they can discover how their genes affect their fitness potential, so they can get the info they need to fine-tune their routine and reach their goals faster.

What They’ll Learn About Themselves:

  • Exercise Recovery:
    How long does it take them to get over an intense workout? Find out how quickly they recover from exercise and if they need more rest days in between hard-hitting fitness classes.
  • Endurance:
    We test genes for muscle efficiency, VO2 max, and more so your friends can decide whether they get the most out of sprint or distance exercises.
  • Joints:
    Some people develop more soreness after working out than others. This is caused by the genetic variations in individuals tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. Your friends can learn if they are more prone to joint injuries so they can take care of their joints now and avoid damaging them later.

Our Editors’ Favorite Genes in This Kit: Flexibility (COL5a1), endurance (ACE), exercise recovery (IL-6), and strength building (MSTN).

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Child development DNA test front of box Child Development DNA test back of box

For the Child Who’s Innately Curious 

Child Development DNA Kit – $99

Know a child who is curious about everything? Give them the gift of understanding with the Child Development test and arm them with information about their aptitudes and abilities. From food allergies to natural abilities for language and learning, the results help put children on the path to lifelong discovery (and parents can once and for all answer the nature vs. nurture question).

What They’ll Learn About Themselves:

  • Enlightenment:
    Does your child have a natural aptitude for learning new languages? Or the potential to become a math whiz? We test genes linked to perfect pitch, mathematical skills, and other cognitive abilities.
  • Health:
    Does the child you have the natural ability to resist the dreaded stomach flu? Are they just saying “I’m not tired,” or do they actually need less sleep? Explore the role DNA plays in children’s health and well-being – today and tomorrow.
  • Fitness:
    Which sports are a good match? We look at genes affecting strength, muscle force, endurance, and other capabilities that may influence sports performance.

Our Editors’ Favorite Genes in This Kit: Language learning (FOXP2), sleep duration (ARNTL), perfect pitch (ASAP1), and reading ability (DCDC2).

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Don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers have to say…

“I really love this product. I’ve had issues with my hunger and weight my whole life and this test has really put things in perspective for me. For example, I never knew I was lactose intolerant. Since getting those results I’ve limited my dairy intake and have so much more energy and feel so much better.” – Amazon Customer

“I was really impressed at how the report was able to convey the results in a very streamline and easy to understand manner while still providing valuable details and the research to back it!” – Amazon Customer

“I was shocked with how quickly my results came back! I’m currently training for my first marathon and I found Fitcode to be extremely helpful. The descriptions were very informative.” – Amazon Customer