How Our New Run DNA Test Can Help You Reach the Finish Line Faster

run dna test

Here at Orig3n, we’re focused on advancing the future of personal care. Our DNA tests are empowering people to use their genetic information to make more informed decisions in their daily lives. Join us as we explain how science and technology come together to create a revolution in self-care.

It’s a story we hear time and time again, you want to run faster, get more miles under your feet, and crush your personal records and you want it now (to be more specific, you wanted it yesterday), but you’re stuck. No matter how much effort you seem to put in and how dedicated you are, you can’t seem to gain the additional mileage and speed that you’re after.

The problem is that running harder doesn’t always equate to being able to run faster. Instead, you need to run smarter and focus on your long-term goals.

Enter: Our new Run DNA Test.


About Orig3n’s New Run DNA Test

Orig3n Run DNA Test

Featuring a variety of genes ranging from endurance and caffeine metabolism to sleep and exercise recovery, the Run DNA Test assists runners in understanding how their bodies respond to four key categories associated with running performance: training, endurance, nutrition, and recovery.

You can purchase the Run DNA Test in our online store for $99.


How to use the Run DNA Test to reach the finish line faster.

There are a variety of ways to use the Run DNA Test to enhance your performance and get more miles under your feet.

Take the caffeine metabolism gene, for example. This gene helps you to better understand how your body may process caffeine and how consuming caffeine before your run may affect you. (I.e. does drinking caffeine make you more likely to be fast on your feet?)

For those who are gifted at metabolizing caffeine, consuming it before going out for a run could help with your performance, pushing you to run more miles at a faster pace. However, if you have a different gene result, drinking caffeine before running could hinder your performance as you’re more likely to reach your peak heart rate faster as a result of consuming caffeine, leading you to tire out more quickly.

With the Run DNA Test, you can better understand how your genes impact your ability to perform on and off the track, giving you the information you may need to reach the finish line faster.

It’s about making choices that are more in line with your genes and your body — simple as that!


How do I take a DNA test?

Taking an Orig3n DNA test is simple and easy. (Seriously, 3 steps and you’re done.)


  1. Receive your kit and collect your DNA sample using the cheek swab provided in your kit. Then register your sample (it only takes a moment, and it’s how we know the results are yours).
  2. Send your DNA sample back to our lab in the provided prepaid envelope.
  3. Receive your results (typically in about 6-8 weeks!) and learn what truly makes you, you.


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