How One Woman Redefined What It Means To Be Powerful After Taking A DNA Test

Have you ever met someone with such a positive attitude that you wish you could bottle it up for a rainy day? That’s how we felt when we met Sharon P. She’s definitely one of Orig3n’s biggest fans after a life changing experience following her Fitness DNA Test results. We hope you enjoy Sharon’s #Orig3nStory as much as we did.

Thanks for joining us Sharon. After chatting a few times we were excited to share your experience with our audience. Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Sure! There’s tons of stuff to share but I’ll start with some of the biggest things that make me unique. I’m happily married, as well as a vegan bodybuilder who is also a garlic farmer, a small business owner, and a software specialist in the aviation industry. Not too many of ‘me’ running around I suppose!

You really are a Renaissance woman with some unique talents. Do you like to take risks because of this?

Often, and it drives my husband nuts, but I think it’s paid off every single time. Fact is, even if things don’t work out how I would like them to, I have learned something and therefore am wiser from the experience.

You sound like you really enjoy new experiences too. Is this how you became interested in DNA Testing?

Actually, I always found myself shying away from DNA tests in the past because I was simply not interested in knowing what my ancestors were up to. I had decided that I wanted to focus on building ‘my best life’ based on both my known and hidden potential. That’s where Orig3n came in. 🙂 

I had also taken up running a couple years ago and even joined a club. Although I did enjoy some of the progress I had made, the fact remained that I really wasn’t progressing as fast as I would have liked to. My goal was to run the Chicago Marathon, but I didn’t really enjoy running the way other people in my group did – and I didn’t know why. 

Then, one day my run club sent a fateful email introducing a ‘Fitness DNA Test’ through Orig3n. I was both curious and excited to learn more about myself, but I never thought it would change my entire life!

My adorable husband surprised me with the Fitness DNA Test for Christmas, and my DNA results essentially confirmed that I was not genetically built for endurance sports at all! No wonder running was so hard for me! The good news is that it also highlighted my strengths!

Wow! We love hearing stories like this. Can you share some more and let us know what happened next?

Sure! Your Orig3n test revealed I was gifted in both strength training and power. Gifted? Me? Yep! With the encouragement of my husband, I canceled my entry into the Chicago Marathon and instead hired a local bodybuilding coach. My new goal became prepping for a bodybuilding bikini competition, and I was immediately hooked on all the hard work and determination it required.

It turned out I LOVED weightlifting! It felt so healthy and right for my body that my next workout literally became my ‘happy thought’ each day. I couldn’t believe how addicted I became! Life suddenly turned from running in circles to lifting very heavy weights, seeing fast results and even enjoying the previously-tedious meal prepping that comes with this lifestyle. I was so filled with joy!

You mentioned the personal link that you found between nutrition and fitness. What did you experience from the changes you made?

Prior to taking the Orig3n Fitness DNA Test, I was working out twice a day and not seeing results. My intention was to try to improve my running abilities, as well as slim down a bit. Thanks middle age! However, after your test enlightened me about my hidden strengths and capabilities, I started eating more, began strength training, and dropped cardio altogether. Low and behold, I finally started to slim down even though I was eating more food and working out LESS. Finally!!! 

It sounds like you’ve really customized your workouts based on what you learned. Have you made any other major changes?

Well, we would need think back to 2015 for a moment for some context. At the time I really wanted to move closer to work, but we couldn’t find any homes that would allow us to bring our pet pig, Kevin Bacon… so we bought a farm! As we began researching different crops to grow we ran across evidence connecting garlic with cancer prevention, and the rest is history. Garlic Breath Farm was born.

We now specialize in garlic that helps people both fight and prevent a number of nasty issues. As we grow our business and continue to connect with our community, you could say that we have developed a bit of a following in the cancer community. It’s simply our passion to heal people through nutrition, share our knowledge and help to understand others experiences. 2019 will be a huge year for us as we establish additional solutions for our health-challenged customers. Our motto: “If everyone had Garlic Breath, no one would be offended!”

You have all these amazing things happening in your life now. Are there an “A-ha!” moments from your journey that you can share with our audience?

Well, I love the quote, “If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.” So true!

Because I know that my future successes (or failures lessons) are built by many small decisions added up over time, I am excited every morning to participate in the active design of my future health/financial/emotional success 🙂

Moving forward in my life I’ve started taking an active role in designing my time/life/moments and am loving every ounce of my life. I love my day job which deals with aviation software (super cool gig), and I also love the business that I started with my husband, Garlic Breath Farm. The day job uses my brain, and Garlic Breath Farm uses every ounce left of mental, physical, emotional, blood, sweat and tears that comes with running a successful small business focused on healing the masses through garlic. In between, I work out for me, which I also love.

Besides your husband, have others noticed these changes in you too?

I honestly talk about my experience with Orig3n genetic testing and tell anyone who will listen!

When I first took the test I was pushing age 40, had a kid about to graduate high school, and I was feeling like I was fighting to maintain my health but not really enjoying it. I felt like I was so busy working all the time and building our business that I was losing myself, yet I couldn’t figure out what to do about it. The Orig3n Fitness DNA Test results revived my excitement for life, as well as ignited my passion to create a new personal goals in the bodybuilding industry.

I’ve also found that I no longer accept ‘no’ for an answer. It seems the older I get the more I expect out of myself and out of this life of mine.

Now, the only competition you ever really face is when you look in the mirror.

Thank you for being such an inspiration Sharon. Where can people follow you and what do you think the future holds for you?

Well, I am newly 40, have a baby in college, and am an empty nester with my hubby. In other words, the future is WIDE OPEN and has plenty of room for me to continue to work on developing my personal goals in between working at my day job and helping to run our Garlic Breath Farm business. I’ve raised my child, built my career, and continue to grow a successful business that helps people heal themselves through nutrition. I now realize that it’s ok for me to give myself permission to focus on me, and thanks to the Orig3n Fitness DNA Test, I know exactly where to start!

If you want to connect my business Instagram is @garlicbreathfarm and the personal one is @VeganGarlicGoddess  My website can be found at