No spit. No mess.
Just swab and send.

As soon as your sample arrives at our lab, we start analyzing your DNA to build your individual profile.


It really is that easy (for you).

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    Choose an Orig3n DNA test.

    Order from our online shop to have a collection kit sent directly to you, or buy a kit at any of our events.

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    Collect your DNA sample.

    Our kit makes the process simple. Just swab your cheek for 30 seconds, then send it to our lab in the prepaid envelope.

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    Don’t forget to register.

    It takes only a moment, and it’s how we know where to send your results. There are two ways to register:


This is serious science (for us).

  • Samples never leave our lab.

    We perform all DNA analysis in our own on-site laboratories in Boston.

    This means we never send your DNA sample out to a third-party lab—or any other third party, including insurance companies or employers.

  • Your privacy is our top priority.

    We encrypt your test results before we send them back to you, and use extensive security measures to keep your data safe.

    And you're always opted out by default from sharing your genetic information with our research team.

  • The future is closer than you think.

    With the help of regenerative medicine, we're working to bring hope to people with conditions that are currently beyond repair.

    Want to help? In the months, we'll provide more ways for you to be involved. Stay tuned!

Get your personalized results.

We believe that you should always maintain control over your genetic information, which is why there’s no middleman or specialist between you and your profile. Orig3n delivers your DNA test results directly to you as soon as they become available, on your phone or computer.

Your test results aren’t just a list of your gene variants. You’ll also get insights and tips, so that you can make choices that may be right for you. And while your profile will let you know if you’re predisposed to certain traits, it’s not a diagnosis, so interpret your results with care.

Once you’ve learned more about yourself, compare test results with friends and family to get to know them even better.

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Learn more about yourself.

After you send us your first swab, you can skip the trip to the mailbox for additional tests, since we'll already have your DNA. Just place a new order and we'll get started right away.

Your DNA is at your fingertips.

With our free app, you’ll always have secure access to your test results, so you can make the choices that best fit your unique genes.

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Get a glimpse into the blueprint of you.

Breakthroughs in science have made it possible for you to discover the genetic traits that set you apart. Orig3n brings this technology straight to you, so you can get new insight into your mind and body.