Personalized vitamins, based on your unique genetic makeup.

Personalized vitamins, based on your unique genetic makeup.


Our vitamins are based on your body’s genes, not questionnaires or recommendations that don’t rely on science. 

High Quality.

Our vitamins contain ingredients from a selection of the highest quality nutrients without the addition of typical artificial fillers or binders. They are gluten free and have no added sugar.

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Cost effective and saves time and money compared to buying separate bottles for each vitamin or mineral that you may need at the local drug store or online. 

No need to keep track of the different types of vitamins you may need, as our vitamins contain all the vitamins that we’ve identified you likely need more of in your diet.


Here's What Sets Our Vitamins Apart:

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Backed by Science.

We've partnered with doctors, pharmacists and scientists and use research from top clinical trials to create your unique vitamin.

"I honestly talk about my experience with Orig3n genetic testing and tell anyone who will listen!"

Sharon P.
Elburn, IL

"I normally hate going to the gym, but after getting my results I now take my training more seriously."

Tiago R.G.

San Francisco, CA

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What Is It?

A custom blended capsule containing the specific vitamins and minerals that you may need more of, so you can feel and look your best every day.

Designed Specifically For You.

We send you a FREE DNA Test to you in the mail. 

Swab your mouth for 30 seconds and send the kit back to us.

We analyze your DNA to determine what vitamins you may need more of. You’ll have access to this report.

How It Works

Your custom blended vitamins are created based on your report. You’ll receive your vitamins in a bottle directly at your door.

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